When and what results to expect from taking the drug Finasteride in a dosage of 1 mg.

General Propecia is a medication of brand new age group, it has a lot of the guy hormonal androgenic hormone or testosterone to manage metabolic operations in your body, and based on this action. It was originally developed for the treatment of prostate cancer, but then it turned out that he is able to arrest hair loss and stimulate the growth of new. Astonished at the development, professionals conducted clinical trials in additional than 15 countries, together with the id in the impact was established.

From the very beginning: from the first day of drug intake, the lower the level of dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

After 3 months: slow loss of hair

After 6 months: there is a significant reduction in the loss of hair and even the growth of new tresses

After 12 months, there is the preservation and improvement of existing hair, plus the growth of new hair to replace lost. If the drug did not produce results after 12 months, it is unlikely to help you in the future.

Men who took this product for 5 years tests, showed the following results:

9 out of 10 men said visible positive results in the condition of their hair or stop the loss of their hair (42%) or the growth of new hair to replace lost (48%).

2 of 3 men noted the growth of new hair

The majority of men saw a visible improvement of hair, which was confirmed by the doctors.

Most of the men confirmed that their bald spot/receding hairline become less

After 2 years of taking this tool:

99% of the men said stopping the loss of hair, among them 66% of men also observed the growth of new locks to replace lost