What are the possible side effects of Propecia

Noted in clinical trials, adverse effects were rare and did not concern most men. Approximately 0.5% of cases men have experienced any of the following side effects on sexual sphere: hypoactive sexual desire, difficulty achieving an erection, the decrease in the number of sperm . Side effects completely disappeared in men who have stopped taking Propecia.

Side effects that can be caused by uncontrolled reception of means was recorded only one percent of the patients studied. In most cases the drug does not cause the emergence of negative factors. In rare cases, men have problems of sexual violence: a sharp decrease in the level of sexual libido, insufficient erection or its complete absence, the first signs of erectile dysfunction, a decrease in the number and deterioration of sperm quality etc. When stopping Propecia these problems are forever gone. Also the patient may experience sharp mood swings, frequent depression, regular nervous breakdowns and the emergence of feelings of depression.

However doctors strongly recommend to watch the reactions of your body: in case of detection of the slightest side effects listed above, should immediately stop use of the pills and seek a specialist for expert advice.